Famous mountains in Norway (and nearby hostels)

Mountains are just like people: They come in all sizes and forms, and some of them are more famous than others. Norway is stacked with famous mountains. Have you always wanted to climb one of them? Here’s a guide on where to find them, and where to stay:


The Pulpit Rock, or Preikestolen, is one of the most famous mountain formations in all of Scandinavia. Towering 600 metres above the water of the Lysefjorden in south-western Norway, this mountain is a relatively easy one to hike to (ca 2 hours one-way), and still get a real adrenaline rush and magnificent views.

On top of Preikestolen

The perfect place to start the hike is at our HI Preikestolen hostel. From here, there is a well-marked track to the top. The area has plenty of other hiking trails, for example to the Kjeragbolten rock. If you don’t like hiking, you can take a cruise on the fjord and watch Preikestolen from below.

HI Preikestolen hostel

We have two hostels in close proximity to the Pulpit Rock: HI Preikestolen and HI Lysefjorden. It’s also possible to take a full day-trip from the nearby city of Stavanger. Here, we have one more hostel: HI Stavanger St. Svithun.

The view from HI Preikestolen during winter


Galdhøpiggen is the highest mountain in Norway and Northern Europe, with an altitude of 2469 meter above sealevel. It lies in the middle of the Jotunheimen National Park, halfway between Oslo and Trondheim. During the summer months, it is a popular mountain to climb, and even though it’s the highest in Norway, it is manageable for people in normal, good health, with fitting gear. In the same area, you’ll find Glittertind, Norway’s second highest mountain.

Jun2016_Bøv_Galdhoppigen_©HINorway (66)
Year-round snow near Galdhøpiggen

If you’re planning on conquering the roof of Norway, stay at our nearby HI Bøverdalen hostel.

JUN2016_Bøv_©HINorway (17)
HI Bøverdalen


Snøhetta is the highest mountain in the Dovre mountain range, and because of its recogniseable form it’s one of the most iconic mountains in Norway. It even gave its name to the famous architecture company Snøhetta, who designed the Oslo Opera House. The Snøhetta area is perfect for hikes and musk ox safaris during summer, and for cross-country skiing during winter. Stay at our nearby HI Hjerkinn hostel.

08.10_HjerkinnVH_RogerBrendhagen (2)
HI Hjerkinn with Snøhetta in the background


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Text: Robin Van de Walle

Photo top: Anderson Klaiber


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