Pride in Norway

Norway is a country with a thriving LGBTQ+- community. Every year, there are several Pride festivities in cities throughout the country. Here’s where to go for an unforgettable Pride season.

Norway is known to be an open-minded and inclusive country, and a beloved destination for queer travelers. This is even more so during the Pride season. Pride parades in Norway are, in comparison to other countries, strikingly inclusive. Many non-queer people participate or watch, and a lot of children too. Whether you’re queer or not, Pride is one of the best and most popular celebrations in Norway. And during the evenings, there’s heavier partying to be found. Here are our tips to make most out of your Pride:

Oslo Pride

The Oslo Pride is the biggest in Norway, and this year it takes place from 19 June to 22 June 2019. There are a lot of cultural activities, as the festival’s goal is to bring queer art and culture to a broader public. Throughout the week, there are concerts, films, art exhibitions and theatre performances, and lots of parties. Go to Youngstorget Square for queer art, and head to Cinemateket for queer movies. On Spikersuppa, the square between the Parliament and the National Theatre, there’s a Pride Park where you can have a drink, hang out, and watch concerts. And on Saturday 22 June, there’s the annual Pride Parade, going from Grønland to the Parliament. As always, the parade is free for everyone to watch or join.

If you’re attending the Oslo Pride, you can book your stay at HI Oslo Haraldsheim or HI Oslo Holtekilen.

Dancing in the street – picture: (c)Tjook

Stavanger på skeivå

The Pride Festival in Stavanger takes place from 1 to 8 September 2019. On the last day at 14:00, the Pride Parade will go from the Concert House through the city center. Book your overnight stay at HI Stavanger St. Svithun, HI Stavanger Mosvangen, HI Sola or HI Sandnes.

Skeive Sørlandsdager

The “queer days” in Kristiansand, the capital of the Norwegian south coast, take place from 20 to 24 August 2019. Our nearest hostel is HI Mandal.

Regnbuedagene Bergen

The “Rainbow Days” take place 1 June to 8 June 2019, in the centre of Bergen. It’s the second largest Pride Festival in Norway, and offers concerts, exhibitions, a Pride Parade, and lots of other happenings.  Book your overnights at HI Bergen Montana.

At HI Norway, we believe in the liberty of every individual. Tolerance is one of our core values, whether it comes to religion, politics or sexual orientation. Happy pride!




photo top: (c) Human Etisk Forbund

text: Robin Van de Walle


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