Floating saunas in Oslo

Have you heard about the newest trend in Oslo? Floating sauna’s! Borrowing the art of sauna life from our neighbours in Finland, there are now 4 brand new saunas in town. Here’s a guide.

Taking a sauna is one of the most essential Scandinavian experiences. It is healthy for the body and the soul, and is at the same time a very social thing to do. The basic idea is to overheat your body, and then to jump in ice-cold water. Several rounds after each other. That way, you improve your blood circulation and train your immune system. There’s no better place to do it, than by the shores of the Oslofjord.

Traditionally, the Finns have been most famous for cultivating the art of sauna life. But recently the trend has been spreading to the Norwegian capital. With four new saunas in the centre of town, Oslo is now quickly becoming a sauna hub. All you sauna fans out there, you know what to do!

You’ll find many of these saunas on floating platforms on the fjord. Some of them are even situated on boats that make a tour through the fjord while you’re in them. Here are our favourite sauna’s:

KOK-Oslo-flytende-badstue-VO06142_1500- Foto_Didrick_Stenersen
KOK – photo: VisitOSLO / Didrick Stenersen


Salt is a very atmospheric place: Located in the harbour close to the Opera, it started as a nomadic art project, and has grown into a place for concerts, film screenings and festivals. They have a café, food trucks, and also several saunas and bathing tubs. The biggest (and coolest) sauna even hosts events like poetry readings and yoga sessions! Tickets cost 195 kr (3 hours), and it’s best to book in advance.


KOK (“Boil“) has two floating sauna’s in the harbour, and offers private or social sauna cruises on the fjord. A cruise takes about two hours, and stops here and there so you can take a dip in the water. A sauna fjordcruise costs 490 kr, and a normal session in the harbour 200 kr. Here, it’s important to book in advance!

Green Boats Sauna

Located at Aker Brygge and overlooking the City Hall, Akershus Fortress and the Oslofjords Islands, these two electric sauna’s have probably the best views in town. They have morning and afternoon drop-in times for 200 kr.

Oslofjord Sauna

Situated right next to the Opera House, the Oslofjord Sauna (Sørenga Badstuflåte) is perhaps the coziest sauna in town. They have three floating saunas, a homemade one (which is very warm), and two stylish modern ones (slightly cooler). They have drop-in times for 100-150 kr (2 hours).

While exploring Oslo, stay at HI Oslo Haraldsheim!

Flytende-badstue-i-islagt-fjord-VO06102_1500- Foto_Didrick_Stenersen
KOK and Salt in the background – photo: VisitOSLO / Didrick Stenersen

photo top: (c) Visit Oslo/Didrick Stenersen

text by Robin Van de Walle


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