Voss during winter

Voss is known as the adventure capital of Norway. Lying in the mountainous western part of the country, there are fjords, lakes, mountains and skiresorts just around the corner. The ideal place to hang out during winter!

Voss is a small city around 1,5 hours outside of Bergen. It lies on the shores of a beautiful lake, and is surrounded by mountains and fjords. The city itself has some interesting historical buildings, like the old church Vangskyrkja and the St. Olav’s Cross from 1023, and the Finnesloftet, one of the oldest wooden buildings in all of Europe.

voss nordlys
HI Voss with northern lights

The Finnesloftet is situated just around the corner from our HI Voss hostel, so make sure to take a look. It dates from the Middle Ages, the time of the stave churches, but is unique because it is one of the only preserved secular buildings from that time. It was part of a big farm, and was used as a celebration hall, and as place to store valuable items.

The Finnesloftet is nowadays part of an organic farm, the Finnegarden, where the hostel gets many ingredients for its organic breakfast buffet.

The organic breakfast at Voss

Our HI Voss hostel is the perfect base for exploring the Voss region. The hostel lies in walking distance from the train station, where direct trains arrive from Oslo (5 hours) and Bergen (1,5 hours), and buses throughout the region. The hostel lies on the shores of the Vangsvatnet lake, and many of the rooms have beautiful views. The hostel is full of cozy common spaces. Nothing’s better than heating up by the open fire after a day in the snow!

voss sofa


HI Voss wishes you welcome all year round!


Photo top: Jon K. Bernhardsen

Text: Robin Van de Walle


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