Summer skiing in Norway

Skiing during summer? Yes, in Norway it’s possible! With good weather, long daylight and lots of sun, going on a skiing tour in the summer is an unforgettable experience. Here’s where to go and where to stay.

Because of the high mountains and the high latitude, in Norway you can find snow all year round. Jotunheimen National Park in Southern Norway, roughly in between Oslo and Bergen, is one of the perfect destinations for summer skiing. The region is easy to reach, and lies in close proximity to our hostels in Bøverdalen and Skjolden. There are well-prepared slopes and tracks for both alpine and cross-country skiers.



Galdhøpiggen is the name of the highest mountain in Norway (2469m). On top of the glacier covering the mountain, there is a summer ski center that’s opened from May through August: Galdhøpiggen Sommerskisenter. The center has one skilift and one slope, divided in 25 pistes, and also has a freestyle area. It’s also possible to go on a guided hiking tour to the top of the mountain.


Sognefjellet is Northern Europe’s highest mountain pass, and the Sognefjellet Road, connecting Bøverdalen and Skjolden, is one of Norway’s most beautiful drives. Sognefjellet is also home to a summer ski centre, perfect for cross-country skiing. It has 8 km of prepared cross-country tracks, in the midst of spectacular nature.

Jun2016_Bøv_Galdhoppigen_©HINorway (18)
Climbing mount Galdhøpiggen is a unique experience.

Where to stay:

Galdhøppigen Ski Centre is located about half an hour’s drive (15 km) from our hostel in Bøverdalen. It’s easy to reach, as there’s only one way to the top of the mountain. Sognefjellet Ski Center is easily reached from both our Bøverdalen and Skjolden hostels – it takes about 40 minutes (30 km) from each hostel.

JUN2016_Bøv_©HINorway (17)
HI Bøverdalen

Our hostels in Bøverdalen and Skjolden wish you welcome!

HI SkjoldenBuilding (17)
HI Skjolden Hostel

Text by Robin Van de Walle



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