European governments must invest in train travel

Together with 20 European hostel associations, Hostelling International Norway has signed an appeal in which we urge European governments to invest more in train travel. 

Cheaper and better train connections are the key to creating a more sustainable touristic sector in Europe. Unfortunately, travelling in Europe by train is today for the most part very complicated. In order to travel more sustainable, a comprehensive and international strategy needs to be developed for all of Europe.

This March , the CEOs and Presidents from over twenty national hostel organizations within Hostelling International, gathered in Stockholm to discuss our challenges and opportunities. Here is what we want:

1. The price level of tickets. In order to choose the sustainable alternatives, there is a need for greater variety of ticket pricing and more affordable tickets.

2. A significant increase in sleeper train connections. This is a must to make trains a viable alternative for the longer connections within Europe.

3. Developing new cooperations among rail companies. Eurail and the likes are good initiatives but we need to make international rail travel as easy to book as booking flights.

4. Standardizing the rolling stock, rails and signal systems on European railways. This is a longer process but necessary for the future development of rail travel.

We call upon the rail companies and politicians of Europe to take it from here and
move forward! Now is the time to increase cooperation and implement common standards to be able to meet the increased demand of sustainable travel. This is how we secure the future development of the travel industry in Europe and together secure a sustainable future.

This appeal was first launched by HI Sweden / Svenska Turistföreningen, and HI Norway is proud to support our Swedish sister organization in their fight for better rail connections.

These have signed the appeal:

European Federation of Youth Hostel Associations (EUFED), Hostelling International (HI) and HI organisations in:
Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, England & Wales, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Romania, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. 

Read our appeal for better rail connections in Europe





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