Driving the Trollstigen road

The most famous road in Norway lies in the mountainous west of the country. It’s called Trollstigen – the Troll’s Ladder. Driving up and down is not for the faint-hearted. But those who dare, are rewarded with spectacular views at the top.

The Trollstigen road is famous all over the world. This small and winding road, climbing up a steep mountain side in Western Norway, has 11 hairpin bends. The road was built in 1936 and is an incredible piece of engineering and roadbuilding. Today, it is one of the most recognisable attractions in Norway. Driving up this road is a spectacular, awe-inspiring and scary experience. If you’re in the area, don’t miss it.

Trollstigen spirals up the steep mountain sides.

At the top of the mountain lies a newly constructed restaurant and viewing platform, made of steel, glass and concrete. Its position, hanging over the mountain side, makes for incredible views of the valley and the surrounding mountains. It’s a perfect place to hang out after the stressfull drive, or have a picknick.

At the top of Trollstigen is a viewing platform with magnificent views.

While here, you should take some time to walk around and enjoy the scenery. The harmonious modern architecture of the viewing platform, contrasts beautifully with the dramatic natural surroundings. The landscape consists of dark rocky mountains, covered in small patches of snow, and with countless small waterfalls everywhere.

The surrounding mountain Trollveggen, the Troll’s Wall.

Where to stay:

The Trollstigen road lies in close distance to our hostel in Åndalsnes. It is also easy accesible from our hostels in Molde, Sunndalsøra and Hellesylt, who all are within 1 hour’s drive from Trollstigen. Click here for the Google Maps location of Trollstigen.

How to conquer Trollstigen:

It is possible to drive up Trollstigen by car, by campervan, and even by bike. The road is well maintained, but there can sometimes be lots of other tourist traffic. So you should drive slow and safely, and keep your eyes on the road.

Book your stay at HI Åndalsnes, HI Molde, HI Sunndalsøra or HI Hellesylt

Trollstigen was tested and approved by the HI Norway-team.


Text by Robin Van de Walle

Images by Robin Van de Walle and Yousra Makanse 


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