Island life: Kjeldsund

A brand new member in our hostelling network, HI Kjeldsund is one of the most unique hostels to explore in Norway nowadays. Situated on a remote island in the fjords region of Western Norway, in a preserved historic building, this is simply a stunningly beautiful place. 

The sound of seabirds and waves, the smell of seaweed… High mountains in the distance, covered with clouds or shining bright in the sunlight. Kjeldsund is a place where you can feel alone in the world for some days, and experience life on a Norwegian island.

Kjeldsund is a hostel with a long history

Kjeldsund lies on the mountainous island of Gurskøy, on the edges of the Atlantic Ocean and the Western Fjords. The closest town is Ålesund, famous for its art nouveau architecture. This region has been described by Lonely Planet as: “so utterly unique and so profoundly beautiful that it is one of the most desirable destinations in the world”. We couldn’t agree more!

The family cottages on the waterside

The hostel itself consists of two old wooden houses that are recently renovated, and include bedrooms, a kitchen and dining hall. There are also some family cottages, next to the water, and a camping ground for tents. The hostel also has a private beach.

The area around the hostel is perfect for outdoor activities. The hostel has free (!) kayaks, so you can feel free to explore the surrounding islands and rocks by kayak. The area is also perfect for swimming, hiking in the mountains, or mountainbiking.

Free kayaks – can it get any better than that?

How do I reach the hostel?

Because the hostel lies on a sparsely populated island in Western Norway, getting here by public transport alone will be a challenge. There are bus services going from the Volda-Ørsta airport, but you’ll probably have to change at Haddal. Consider hiking, renting a car, or travelling by bike.

Happy people at Kjeldsund

The hostel in Kjeldsund is opened from June to August, and on request all year round. Book your stay here


Text and pictures: Robin Van de Walle



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