Meet the hostel: Borlaug

The hostel of Borlaug lies in one of the most beautiful places in Norway: at the end of the Lærdal valley. With a stave church, a medieval road, a historic wooden town and a fjord nearby, it is the perfect destination for an authentic stay. 

Solgunn has been the host of the little hostel in Borlaug for a long time. She lives in a cute wooden house, painted white, on the other side of the road. During most of the year, she is a sheep farmer – she owns several hundred sheep. During summer, the sheep are grazing on the mountains, so she has time to open the hostel. During the lam season in autumn, the hostel closes again. That’s why the hostel is opened from June to the end of September.

During most of the year, Solgunn is a sheep farmer. Here are some of her lams!

The hostel itself lies in the little village of Borlaug (or Borlo for the locals). It lies on the end of the beautiful Lærdal Valley, in the fjord region of Western Norway. This valley has a lot of attractions for those interested in nature, culture, or both. Here are 3 highlights:

1. Follow the King’s Road

The medieval King’s Road (Kongevegen) starts at the hostel, and runs through the entire valley. It’s a beautiful, easy hiking trail, which can be walked in a day. You’ll get to see beautiful nature and historic houses.

Solgunn shows us a part of the old King’s Road

The most famous stretch of the King’s Road lies close to the Stave Church at Borgund. Here, the road turns like a snake. It’s a very mysterious sight, and as there are no buildings around, you’ll probably have the place for yourself.

The King’s Road near Borgund

2. Visit the world-famous Stave Church in Borgund

The Lærdal Valley is also home to what must be the world’s most famous Stave Church: Borgund. Originally build in the 1100’s, and still standing, this is one of the most enchanting pieces of traditional wooden architecture in Norway. It’s a must-see that’s truly worth its name. Can you spot the viking influences in the wooden decorations?

The stave church and the medieval bell-tower in Borgund


3. Visit the historic town of Lærdal

Where the valley meets the fjord, the historic town of Lærdal lies. The waterfront with the old wooden houses, and the steep mountain in the background, must be one of the most memorable sights in Norway. It’s a perfect place for a picknick, and an afternoon walk through the streets. For those who are interested, there’s even a museum dedicated to salmon-fishing.

The waterfront at Lærdal

Our hostel in Borlaug wishes you welcome!


text and pictures by (c) Robin Van de Walle



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