The Atlantic Road

Some miles north of Molde lies one of the most beautiful roads in Norway: the Atlantic Road. Following the northern shores of the mountainous peninsula and connecting small islands on the way, there are dramatic landscapes and ocean views around literally every corner. Here are our tips for a spectacular roadtrip from Molde. 

Our hostel in Molde is the perfect base for a roundtrip on the Atlantic Road. While the town itself is a cosy fjord town with shops, cafés and a hypermodern museum (the Romsdalsmuseet), you should make sure to take a trip into the spectacular nature. If you have a car at your disposal, there’s nothing to stop you.

Molde is a small but cozy city

From Molde, you can either take road 64 or road 662 to Malmefjorden. The last road is smaller and takes a bit longer, but it follows the villages near the coastline – a beautiful detour. After Malmefjorden, swing to the left and take road 663 to Elnesvågen, and continue with road 664 towards Bud. Here, the road starts to get really pretty. You follow the coastline through a varied landscape, and you shouldn’t be afraid to make small detours from the road to explore some of the fishing villages. Some of the coolest experiences of this tour might be the beautiful and improvised detours.

Bud is a beautiful historic village

The small town of Bud is where the Atlantic Road starts. But don’t start before taking a break at Bud: It is a beautiful fishing town with historical houses and a preserved canon battery from the Second World War. The fortress with the canon has magnificent views over the Atlantic Ocean and the surrounding islands, and is the perfect place for a picknick.

Once built by the Nazis, now a perfect picknick place: the cannons at Bud

After Bud, the Atlantic Road stretches across 30 km, and it is easy to follow with the signs. Our tips: don’t rush, and take your time to swing off the main road as you please.

The last part of the journey is probably the best one. Here the road leaves the mainland behind, and starts to hop between the small islands and skerries, all connected by spectacular bridges. This is better than a rollercoaster, especially when there’s a lot of wind and waves!

Make sure to take a stop on the island of Lyngholmen, where there’s a beautiful path around the island (it doesn’t take long to walk around the island, only 20 minutes or so). Keep your eyes open for birds, and… is that a whale you’re seeing out there in the sea? Or just a rock…?

Happy people on Lyngholmen

From here, take road 64 through Eide, and continue towards Molde. Just before the village of Sylte, there’s a sign next to the road that says Trollkyrkja – the Troll Church. This is a spectacular waterfall inside a cave in the mountain, and it takes about two hours (one way) to hike there. If you have enough time or an extra day to spend, it’s a really good idea to hike toward the caves. Make sure to bring good shoes though, and a lamp.

Our hostel in Molde wishes you welcome during the summer season!

Åse, the host at Molde Hostel, shows us the best routes


Text: Robin Van de Walle / Pictures: (c) HI Norway


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