Molde: Fjords, mountain peaks and jazz

Molde is a small town that lies roughly in between Ålesund and Trondheim. While these famous neighbours sometimes steal the show, Molde has a lot to offer as well. The town is beautifully situated on a mountaineous paninsula, and is a pleasant base for trips to the surrounding fjords, islands and mountains.

Molde lies on the shore of the Romsdal Peninsula, in the fjord region of Western Norway. It lies at a place where three fjords meet: the Moldefjord, Fannefjord and the Romsdalsfjord. The natural setting is truly spectacular: Molde faces a mountain range on the other side of the water. From the city, more than 200 snow-covered mountain peaks are visible . If you want to get the best view of the beautiful surroundings of Molde: Take the 1-hour hike to Varden, a café on on a hill above the city.

Trying to count the mountain peaks from Varden

The city itself is rather small, but has some interesting attractions. The Romsdalsmuseet is an open air museum that shows old houses from the Romsdalen region. Recently, a brand new part of the museum opened, called Krona. In this modern building you can learn even more about the local history, customs and traditions.

The Romsdal Museum with Krona – photo: Romsdalsmuseet/Johnny Bratseth

An other interesting museum is the Fiskerimuseet, the Fishing Museum. Here you’ll learn everything about how it felt to be a fisherman in Norway. It’s located on the island of Hjertøya – you can get there by boat from Molde (takes around 10 minutes). You want something more active? The Moldebadet is an indoor swimming pool with slides, saunas, jacuzzis and more.

Every year during July, the town completely transforms itself into a buzzing groovy city, during the famous Molde Jazz Festival. During an entire week, the whole town seems to party, and there’s a lot of other activities going on too.

Molde seen from the ferry

Molde is situated close to some of Norway’s most spectacular tourist attractions. That’s why it is a perfect base for trips. The Atlantic Road, the Trollstigen Road are just around the corner. A popular day trip is the mountain top of Romsdalseggen, which makes for a splendid and spectacular hike. Also the nearby islands of Ona and Sandøy are worth a visit, for example by bike.

Our hostel in Molde is opened during the summer season (May til August). It lies in the centre of town, and is used as a school during the rest of the year. We wish you a warm welcome! Book your stay.


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