Flåm: Adventures in the heart of Fjord Norway  

Flåm is located in the innermost reach of the Sognefjord, surrounded by wild mountains and beautiful nature. The tiny village is perfect people who want to go on an adventure and discover their inner Viking, or just relax and disconnect. 

Thanks to the inclusion of the Nærøyfjord on UNESCO´s World Heritage List, Flåm has since become world famous, but here are a couple of facts you maybe didn´t know. 

 Did you for example know that…  

  • Flåm has a commitment to sustainability? 

The fjords are such a beautiful place, and to protect the vulnerable nature, the community and local companies are working to protect it, and everyone who comes to Flåm can help take part.  

HI Flåm is a certified HI-Q&S (Hosteling International Quality & Sustainability) hostel, which stands for a commitment to sustainability. The hostel has energy- and water saving initiatives and recycling, and even bring in a few four-legged staff in the summer season! Local sheep are eager to help keep the weeds and grass down in the hostel garden, instead of a noisy lawnmower.  

bilde 2 Nærøyfjord foto Gjertrud Coutinho_fjordnorway.com
The Nærøyfjord – picture: Gjertrud Coutinho

The amazing Nærøyfjord is a very popular destination, and the hybrid ferry Vision of the Fjords is battery-run. There are also tours by swift little e-cars, with audio-guiding in 6 different languages. To really get close to the fjord, there are daily guided kayak tours in the summer, where the only traces you leave behind are ripples in the water. With a bit of luck, it is even possible to see porpoises, seals, eagles or otters.   

 Flåm has excellent public transportation connections, and you can get here by train, bus or boat. Many travelers choose the beautiful train journey, where you can come by train from Bergen, Voss or Oslo to Myrdal, and take the historic Flåm Railway the last bit down to the village.  

  • They have the best beer?  

 That is, they certainly strive to at Ægir Microbrewery! According to the old Viking religion, Norse mythology, the giant Ægir was the best brewer of all, and had the biggest brewing tank in the universe. So, they have some big shoes and brewing tanks to fill at Ægir, and at the brewpub you can be the judge if it truly is the best in the world.   

bilde 3 Flåmsbana foto Terje Rakke_Nordic Life AS_fjordnorway.com
The train ride to Flåm is one of the prettiest in Norway – picture: Terje Rakke/Nordic Life
  • It has one of Northern Europe´s longest zip lines?  

 In august 2018, Flåm Zip Line opens for the first time, and it will be the longest in all of the Nordic countries at 1381 meters. The top speed will be about 100km per hour! If you prefer a slower pace going down the Flåm valley, it is a top spot for hiking and biking, and you can rent bikes, get maps of the valley and advice from the Visitor Centre. 

bilde 4 Sykkel Flåmsdalen foto Sverre Hjørnevik_visitflam.com
Cycling down the Rallarvegen bicycle track – photo: Sverre Hjørnevik/Visit Flåm

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(photo top: Robin Strand)


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