Sweet Tooth’s Paradise! 6 Best Places To Get Dessert in Lillehammer



The sparkling snow around you, the pleasant feeling of exhaustion after the long day of skiing, sledging, hiking or any other winter activities you’ve gone through in the magical city of opportunities – Lillehammer. Even if you’re visiting in the summer – there is nothing better than the small sweet delight after a long day. I will present you some places to treat yourself!


1.) Det Lille Pannekakehuset

This lovely café is the first thing that catches your eye! The name is self-explanatory (the little pancake house) and it just wants you to peek inside. What you find in there is a cozy ambient with interiors tastefully decorated in Scandinavian style. The pancakes, however, may not be what you are used to – they serve you a plate full of tiny pancakes called ‘’pofertjes’’, the tiny, fluffy pancakes with spongy texture, tastefully decorated, with addition of a great variety of fruit, chocolate, sauces and you can enjoy the savory additions as well.
Apart from that, they have a variety of ice cream sundaes for the summer and hot drinks that are not overpriced at all.
The staff is incredibly nice and eager to help, to present their products and explain about them, the service is flawless, very recommendable!


IMG_2500 (1)IMG_2487 (1)IMG_2496


2.) FiKa Smoothie bar

FiKa sells themselves immediately with the cute illustration in front, especially if the pun jokes are down your alley. It is essential the fruit/smoothie place with a fascinating variety of smoothie combinations. You can pick your own fruit and additions or enjoy the chilly, spinach, avocado or liquorish smoothie! It is also possible to buy the tea and coffee at their place in neat packages.


IMG_2526 (1)IMG_2529 (1)


3. ) Ohlalla Sjokola & Kafe

This is one of the prettiest and best cafes I have ever had a chance to witness, if you ask me. The place is just breathtaking, one could spend hours just admiring it! Funded and created by the Dutch lady, she made this place into an old-fashioned French looking wonderland! You can enjoy different homemade desserts, cookies, croissants, waffles, a huge assortment of high quality pralines, all kinds of hot drinks. The cappuccino was amazing and the owner was more than happy to present her personal touch to the café. Fun fact: the café is vegetarian, pro-animals oriented and all the tips to the staff are sent to help abandoned dogs in Romania.
In the summer time you can also catch some sun in a lovely garden.



IMG_2599 (1)

IMG_2228 (1)IMG_2236 (1)


4.) Café Sorgenfri

This one might be a bit hard to find, but once you do, it is so charming! Great selection of home made deserts, which are mostly small cakes and cookies, and they serve one of the best ‘’classy’’ chocolates – Austrian Zotter! The ambient is on the small-and-comfortable side, with plenty of pillows, you will love it for sure!


sorgfri 2


5.) Atelier Kakao

Another pretty place with huge selection of deserts, but this one is quite bigger than the small café. The spirit is lively as the place is quite visited and they are known for their great coffee. The dimmed lights with flower decorations on the tables make the place look like a modern home with a retro touch. The deserts are very visually perfected and Atelier Kakao is a great choice also if you want to stop by for a quick desert or a coffee.



Kakaophoto: NF Fisioterapia


Last but not least –

6.) Hostel, café and restaurant Stasjonen

I will not lose many words on this. Best waffles ever is all you need to know. There are no better waffles made in a human history. Their waffles are done by the ancient recipe, legend says that every Belgian guest experiences severe trauma and self-doubt that can continue for generations. On a serious note, they offer around 10 types of homemade cakes as well, my personal favorite is rhubarb cake! Aside from that, there are excellent brownies and pralines from the chocolate factory in Gjovik, chocolate mousse…a lot of things to choose from and to treat yourself while sitting on a couch next to the fireplace. Since it is located directly on the train station, this is the place to wait for your train – comfortable, with a dessert in front of you!

IMG_2476 (1)

Stasjonen is also one of our hostels! Check it out here ! 


Sandra Meglić, an EVS volunteer
Funded by Erasmus+ and Aktiv Ungdom



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