6 things to do in Bergen after summer


So far we all know Bergen is a gateway to the fjords – and that is the most attractive part of it. Cruises through the breathtaking valleys, however, are most appealing in the summer when the weather is nice and the sun is shining. That is also the time tourist season is open and a plenty of sightseeing options remain. But what happens to Bergen in fall and onwards? Does it sleep?

We have to admit, Bergen keeps losing the amount of tourists exponentially as the summer is coming to an end. The days get shorter, the temperatures go lower and some hikes are not possible anymore. But that is absolutely no reason to admire the city in other seasons!

1.) Aquarium

As it goes for me, even though I have seen plenty of zoos and aquariums, this one is definitely one of the most impressive ones I have seen. In the 60s it was the biggest aquarium in Scandinavia; nowadays it lost the status and it is actually not enormous. It is the fascinating place to see anyway as they have incredible amount of animal species – not only fish, reptiles, mammals and many more. Next to the animals, the short and fun facts are given and be careful not to miss the seal/sea lion shows, they are fascinating and animal friendly!



Penguins and Finding Nemo themed aquarium


2.) Enjoy Nordnes

What does not go away with the season is the part of the city with absolutely no public transport, only beautiful wooden houses and paved roads. The spirit of the old town is present in every weather and to walk around it will make you experience the spirit of lifestyle in the old days. It’s like a free outdoors museum, actually!



3.) Museums…plenty of them

To my surprise, Bergen has an exceptional amount of museums that cover various different themes and most of them are available even after summer. For such a city, this is really impressive. Regardless of your interest, Bergen probably has it covered! Check out the list of museums here.



sculpture and art museum Bergen

Sculpture and art museum Bergen



4.) A hike or a furnicular to Mt. Floyen

Amazing view and no crowd, what more can we say? Bergen is surrounded by quite some hills and this is the easiest one which will definitely steal your heart with the view! If the weather does not serve you well or you are tired, there is always a way to take the cable car; if it does however, there is an hour long hike to the top – and do not forget to explore the surroundings once you’re on top, there are quite some hidden treasures there!


Neža on Mt Floyen



5.) Explore the history – Bergenhus fortress

Bergen is a really old city and there is much to see and discover about it even outside of museum. One of the perfect points to see if you’re into history, is the Bergenhus fortress and especially Rosenkrantz tower. Besides the historical exhibitions, you also have ‘’fun’’ rooms available where you can role play medival as a knight. Climbing on the top of the tower will also give you the 360 degree view of the city.




6.) Culinary trip

Do you love fish and/or meatballs? Up for trying something new? Your path leads to one of many relaxing restaurants in Bergen. Personally, this is one of the things I find the best about Bergen – possibility to eat delicious food in an extremely pleasant atmosphere! First of all, you should peek into the Bergen Fish Market, this is a must. Eating in a restaurant may be an expensive choice, so in case fish market is out of your price range, I would suggest Pingvinen, relatively reasonable priced restaurant with nice ambient and various choices of national food. If you are not a fan of animal products, Dwell restaurant has the best vegan food I have encountered so far.



And as a last traveling tip – always check if the hostel or hotel you are booking opens its door in summer as well. One of the best places we can recommend is HI Bergen Montana – A hostel with a view (check the video). You will not be disappointed.



Written by: Sandra Meglić, an EVS volunteer

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