Autumn in Oslo: Don’t Miss This

During Autumn, Oslo is perhaps at its prettiest. As the weather turns colder, the Norwegians organize lots of indoor and outdoor activities to stay warm. Here are our tips for a season full of activities and culture in Oslo!

Torchlight walk along Akerselva River 26 Sep

Thursday 26 September, the annual river walk along Akerselva River takes place, to celebrate the Autumn Equinox. This free event starts at 8 PM, and includes small concerts, light shows, art installations, and lots of good atmosphere, along the entire river. You can start the walk wherever you want, but we recommend you start at the Nydalen metro station, and walk downstream from there.

Torchlight walk along the Alnaelva River 10 Oct

On Thursday 10 October, there is a free evening walk along the Alnaelva River in East-End Oslo. The event starts at 7 PM at the Grorud metro station. The trail along the river will be lit with torches, there will be art installations and performances at different places during the evening. A magical evening experience!

Alnaelva Torchlight Walk – photo:

Autumn Art Exhibition 7 Sep – 13 Oct 

The annual Autumn Exhibition at the Artists’ House in Oslo, is a central happening in the Norwegian arts scene. Offering an overview of the best modern art, the exhibition is a perfect crash course in contemporary Norwegian art. With a relatively low entrance fee, the exhibition wants to attract all sorts of interested people, not only the arty-farty snobs.

The Artists’ House is located behind the Royal Palace – photo: Øystein Vidnes

Oslo World Music Festival 29 Oct – 3 Nov

The capital of Norway becomes the capital of world music during autumn. From 29 October to 3 November, Oslo hosts more than 30 concerts of all kinds spread all over the city. Most of the artists are music stars in their own countries but not as eminent for the international public. Here’s the perfect opportunity to get to know them. An unforgettable musical experience for the whole family!


oslo world

Films from the South 7 Nov – 17 Nov

Africa, Asia and Latin America film makers find their place each year in this Film Festival based at the Cinemateket in Oslo. From 7 to 17 November, more than 100 featured films and documentaries are screened in the most exciting film festival in Norway. The event strive to promote tolerance and intercultural dialogue throughout the cinema. Films from the South Festival has been held since 1991 and it is a good opportunity to learn more about what kind of cinema is in the making in other continents.

photo: Cinemateket Oslo

Our year-round hostel in Oslo wishes you a warm welcome during the chilly Autumn months!

photo top: Matthew Wilkinson

text: Robin Van de Walle & Marcos Doespiritosanto 


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