Flørli – where hiking and romance meet

If you thought you have ever been in the middle of nowhere, well, the truth is, it can always get more isolated. Which is not bad, actually – especially if you want to appreciate the grace of solitude for a while. Located at Lysefjorden, Flørli is indeed a place where you can find your peace of mind.


Even if there is a certain definition what village is, Flørli would probably not fit into it. There are literally 4 people officially living in there, there are even more houses there than inhabitants. The center of action is the hostel – former Hydropower station transformed – where sometimes the whole village has dinner together with the hostel guests. You will find no roads there, no stores, no parks and no schools. In the facts, the adorable company you may enjoy there are sheeps as you wake up in the morning and you find them cuddled together by the building walls.


So what is Flørli then famous for?
The monument of Flørli is the largest wooden stairway in the world – it goes up to the mountain and you will have to make 4444 steps to reach the top. The way will give you muscle pain the next day, but the view is worth it. The whole way will take you around 3-4 hours if you are fit adult and the natives say that around an hour along is where the view starts getting nice. So do not forget to plan the time ahead and if you are not very active overall, take a day off the next day to rest.


The whole size of the place enables all people to connect with each other and find out some really interesting facts about lifestyle on an deserted place. Personally, I had to ask how do they take care of the food and where do they get their basic belongings. The hostel manager said there is simply no way around it – it all has to be delivered by a ferry as it is the only way to reach the hostel. There are a few ferries per day which allow them to live comfortably and the tourists to keep on with their travel.


What distinguishes Flørli from other destinations aside from the hiking trips are a few activities, all of them form very personal and intimate atmosphere. One of them is jacuzzi near the hostel and another is one of the most amazing things we have seen – the tiny cabin, sized 2×2 m, with only a bed inside and two wine glasses. Not to mention the amazing view on the Fjord from slightly higher perspective which is especially mindblowing in June, where sun sets around 23 in the evening and rises again around 3 in the morning.


The hostel is also located in a large house with an amazing living room, having a wonderful giant window on the side for a view, ideal for relaxing after a long hike.

So whether you like active or cozy holidays, Flørli will exceed all your expectations! Go to our website and book your stay! 

Written by: Sandra Meglić
Photo credit: Sandra Meglić and Patricia Benesiu


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