Hiking tip in Oslo: Maridalsvannet / Lake Maridal


Sparkling in the summer sunlight and surrounded by the beautiful scenery, the Lake Maridal might make you want to approach the majestic lake and discover its secrets! Almost 4 square kilometers of water surface can be nicely seen from all the surrounding areas and hills – if you are a tourist, the Hostel Rønningen offers you the wonderful view from its facilities.


Pot okrog jezera peš + podatki

For all the hiking enthusiasts, we have excellent news – the hiking possibilities around the Lake Mardial are wonderful and offer impressive landscape views! The 14-kilometer-long road in the proximity of the lake is perfect for relaxing hike since it is not very well known touristic destination, that gives you all the privacy you need.


The road is quite a diverse in the terrain, it goes slightly uphill on some parts and downhill at other, yet it is still suitable for jogging and cycling. It has multiple points where you can sit down on the bench, grill something or enjoy the wonderful view. It passes by the church ruins of Maridalen Kirke, which is also a place to admire.


Lake Maridal is the main source of Oslo’s drinking water and represents 90% of the Oslo’s water consumption, therefore it is good to keep in mind that swimming and fishing in the lake are prohibited. But the view, especially on the sunny day, definitely makes up for that.


The hike is not a difficult one, but if you are not the sport enthusiast, tired or the time is pressuring you, there is still a possibility to enjoy the wonderful sunset view and relax on one of the stops.


Last but not least, it is strongly recommended to dress accordingly and be prepared. Hiking boots are a must and as the part of the hiking path leads through the forest, it is a good idea to bring the mosquito repellent with you.



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Written by: Sandra Meglić


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