HI Goiânia Brazil: a chill, colorful home away from home

The fresh and youthful HI Hostel 7 Goiânia is located in the city’s beautiful area Setor Bueno. Hostel 7 Goiânia provides you with a relaxing stay in this outgoing city. With its outdoor swimming pool and inviting lounges, barbeque area and common rooms, it is a modern hostel with a lot of facilities. The guest rooms include two private rooms, a four-bedded family room and four common rooms with 8 to 14 beds.

Retro, creative chill out zones

Working as a kind of a home away from home, the hostel offers various rooms and furniture for those ready to chill out and just relax.

Hammock Picture
Whether you prefer lazily swing in a hammock, spend time at the poolside or lay down on a comfy sofa, there are alternatives for you.

Be on the lookout for the retro, creative way this place has been furnished! Old pallets have found new life as chill out lounges and tables, fruit crates serve as a book swapping station and a cable roller has become a pool side table. In addition, the back of an old car is used as decoration on the hostel’s facade, inviting guests to come into the reception area, where the front desk actually is an old van, refurbished and redesigned into a practical front desk.

Red Combi
This van used to rock the roads of Brazil. Now it serves as the front desk of the hostel. To the left you can see the hostel manager, Rafael Assis, and to the right you can see one of the owners and managers of Hostel 7 in Brasília, André Perotto.

In this colorful and inviting accommodation, retro style goes hand in hand with a chill atmosphere and environmental sustainability!

To some of the guests, the hostel is like a second home. ”This hostel feels like a home and the people are like a family”, says Bruno Malavolta, a guest from Arraraquara in the countryside of São Paulo. He has been working in Goiânia as a literature teacher and has stayed at the hostel every week for half a year.

A social hub

When it comes to the social sustainability, Hostel 7 does a lot of work to make their hostel a true social hub. Every Wednesday you may experience the weekly event ”Tudo quarta-feiras” as they open their doors to small, local business owners to come and promote their brands and products.

Homemade hamburgers and the locally brewed beer Columbina are popular among the guests at the Hostel’s weekly event Tudo quarta-feira.

Local brewers, culinarians, tattoo artists and musicians set up at the hostel to give both the guests and the local community the opportunity to socialize and enjoy the hostels facilities.

Untraveled herbs for travelers

While staying at the hostel, Kaja and Michael planted an urban garden for the guests who enjoy cooking in the large common kitchen. The garden provides a nice option to spice up their food without spending either money or energy. The herbs are situated on the front of the hostel’s second floor veranda.

The water from the air conditioner is being used to irrigate the herbs.

The garden is equipped with an irrigation system that is partly irrigating by water from the air-conditioner in the dorm next door. The long flowerbed can offer untraveled herbs such as coriander (coentro), chive (cebolinha), parsley (salsinha) and basil (manjericão).

Bananada Music Festival

The Mídia Ninja crew who documented the Bananada Music Festival in pictures and film, used Hostel 7 in Goiânia as a base for their work.

We also have to mention that Hostel 7 proudly cooperates with Festival Bananada, a popular music festival that every year brings seven days of concerts and events to the grounds of the cultural center Centro Cultural Oscar Niemeyer in Goiânia. They are in partnership with the independent media group Mídia Ninja that has its base of operations here at the hostel while they photograph and promote the event.

Bananada is promoting independent music, highlighting the new trends that arise locally and bringing new national and international artists to the stage here in Goiânia.

Also, we were so happy to learn that this year marks the beginning of Bananadas sustainability program, which means that all the activities of the event are carbon free.

Article written by Kaja Knutsdotter Fjørtoft and Michael Øseth.






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