Meet a hostel: HI Flørli 4444

As a broad network of 4000 hostels accross the world Hostelling International is always happy to welcome new members. One of the newcomers in HI network of Norway  is HI Flørli 4444 hostel situated on Lysefjord.

HI Flørli 4444 has a great location in the small village of Flørli  with a view of the majestic Lysefjord. It is a perfect place to meet travelers from all over the world who are looking for an amazing nature experience or just want to relax. For the adventurous ones the hostel offers a lot of outdoor activities like kayking or fishing. From here you can easily reach Kjerag bigwalls or  hike to Preikestolen, one of the most known hikes in Norway with stunning views.

Flørli is famous for its hydropower history from 1915. In the former power hall you can visit the exposition, find out more historic information and enjoy the summer  in the open Power Café.


“Stairway to heaven”

One of the features that make this hostel stand out is the fact that one of the ways to reach it is by 4444  wodden stairs from the shore of Lysefjord to the top, known as the longest wodden stairs  in the world.

Today, this famous stairs in Norway make up part of the Tripp Trapp Triathlon, which includes running, biking and kayaking. The 4,444 stairs fall under the “running” section–  where many come to set new personal records.


How to get there?  

The village of Flørli has no road connection and is only accessible by ferry, with private boat or by hiking across the mountains. There are two ferries, four daily calls. You can bring your car on the ferry or leave it on the quay in Lauvvik, Forsand, Songesand or Lysebotn. If you bring your car, you can park it on the quay in Flørli, but there’s no parking at the accommodation itself.

High speed ferry at Lysefjorden operates all year, 6 days/week. It is a great transportation means that stops at all the quays along the fjord, on request. Three days a week it has one round trip to and from Stavanger, which is a comfortable and quick way to take you to any destination along the fjord.


If you are up to the challange of 4444 stairs hopp on the next ferry and join fellow adventurous travellers in admiring the stunning scenery from the top.




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