HI Norway welcomes HI Ådneram

As a non-profit organization, Hostelling International Norway works at the moment with more than 50 hostels all across the country. All our hostels follow the same philosophy and we focus on the social service and the aim of bringing together travelers from all over the world – no matter their origin or their social and economic position. Every year, we incorporate some new hostels to our network in order to offer our guests affordable places to stay while they are traveling around our beautiful country. Each new addition means a lot for us because it allows us to implement our values as an accommodation alternative both for local and international travelers. Today we are more than happy to present you one of our latest additions: HI Ådneram.

Madlaspeiderne 2011

Situated in the Southwestern part of Norway, this hostel is tailored for those who look for an adventorous holiday in the Norwegian mountains. The hostel is located in Sirdal, only one kilometer from the main road between Stavanger and Oslo.

Frikvarteret at Ådneram in Sirdal is a modern cabin, built and run by the Scout organization. The cabin has 9 rooms, 38 beds, all with private bathroom, reception, a lounge, café, the possibility to dry clothes and free parking. Breakfast is included. Sheets are available for hire. A few minutes walk from Frikvarteret, you will find Ådneram turisthytte, a traditional Norwegian cabin with 12 rooms, 49 beds, all with shared bathroom. There is also a possibility for booking dorm beds.

Some of the interior facilities of HI Ådneram Hostel

The area offers a great range of outdoor activities, such as:

  • A visit to the infamous Kjeragbolten, which is a large rock stuck between two mountain cliffs. Kjerag is located only 30 minutes by car from the hostel. We highly recommend a visit to this spectacular natural phenomenon, where you even can climb on top of the rock. As a word of caution: Please pay attention to the local guidelines in order to stay safe.
The famous Kjeragbolten, just 30 minutes away from HI Ådneram Hostel. Picture taken by Leo-Setä.
  • Nearby Kjeragbolten, you can drive down 27 hairpin curves, and find yourself in the village of Lysebotn on the shore of Lysefjorden (literary light fjord). Here you can admire the base jumpers or go for a cruise on the fjord.
Hairpin curves to Lysebotn. Photo taken by Graham.
  • Hiking: The Stavanger local chapter of the Norwegian Trekking Association is doing a great job with maintaining about 1000 km of hiking routes marked with their infamous red Ts. Hallvardshei, Hilleknut, Strondefjellet and Ørnefjell are mountaintops reachable by foot from the hostel.
A red “T” marking hiking routes all over Norway. Photo taken by color line.
  • Climbing and rappelling: The mountains in the area is nestled with climbing routes of varying levels which trained climbers can explore.
  • Stand-up paddling and canoeing: You will find stand-up paddleboards and canoes for rent at the hostel which you can put to use in the nearby lakes.
  • Bicycling: The hostel also has bicycles for rent. A few recommended destinations are: Flatstøldalen, Lyseveien og Suleskardveien.


  • Fishing: There are also opportunities for fishing in nearby Råmarstjørn (only 250 metres from the hostel). Please contact the reception for information about fishing permits.

Welcome to Ådneram!

Article written by Anbjørg Tovsrud and Marcos Doespiritusanto

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