Barnas Vinterfestival 2017 – Gjøvik

The saying is, if you do something three times (in this case years) in a row it becomes a tradition. And that is exactly what both the hosts and the participants of this wonderful children festival in Gjøvik, Oppland, are hoping for. The idea for the event was born one sunny day when 5 friends, local entrepeneurs and ex-athletes, Øivind Lie, Thomas Andersen, Glenn Tjernø, Steffen Csirmaz and Lars Elton Myhre, decided to create an event to bring the community together. Their humble aim was to return to the community some of the benefit they gained from successful businesses and carrers. And what better way to achieve that than to reward children with one whole day full of free winter activities.

The hosts get together, decide on a date and contact the locals to inform them and ask for help, and that is how volunteers step in.


The festival is held in the Fastland area, a small lake in summer, that with freezing temperatures in winter becomes an ideal ice skating ring, once cleaned of fresh snow. In addition to cleaning the pond, the hosts make sure the children and thier parents can enjoy delicious snacks, and warm food, directly provided by the kitchen of HI Gjøvik Hovdetun, just on top of the hill.



Children have the choice among ice skating, sledding, snowboarding and skiing, both cross-country and downhill, to have fun and put up a good show of their skills for parents to enjoy and friends to challenge.

This hill has a reputation for providing the country with professional athletes


Equipment is provided to children for free on a first arrived first – served basis, in order to include all families in the amusement and share time, having fun and building friendship within the community.


After a hard and long day of delicious cinnamon rolls, laughter, snow and fun, HI Gjøvik Hovdetun opens its doors for traditional tacos and coffee.

Go hard or go home!!! 

Article written by Gordana Bulic and Marina Lisnic.

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