TV-Aksjonen: Norway’s traditional telethon

What? When? Where?

TV-aksjonen is a Norwegian nationwide annual fund-raising event, historically the biggest in Norway, associated with various charity projects and non-profit organizations through unique one-time-themed campaigns; the aim and the charity involved change in fact every year. Traditionally held on a Sunday in October since 1974. This year (2016) the recurring event falls on Ocobert 23rd. Everywhere in Norway, everyone is involved and can participate actively or through donations in the way most suitable for them.

The tradition is so strong that it has reached an unspoken rule among corporations in Norway. As a matter of fact, in a national common effort, companies across the country downsize or abstain from scheduling any other fundraising activity around the period of TV-aksjonen in order to support the campaign’s visibility to its fullest and avoid any other distractions.


Who? How? Why?

NRK (Norsk rikskringkasting), the national broadcasting company, plans and implements the event in a joint effort with a selected non-profit group. This group, and the aim and theme of the campaign itself, is determined by the fundraising council at NRK and will be the beneficiary of the funds collected throughout the event. The honour is such that applicants range from national associations to international and global organizations. This year’s contest winner is Røde Kors (Norwegian Red Cross), with the aim to “provide crucial aid to civilians caught behind the front lines of war and conflict”. Last but not least, according to the importance of making the event happen, are the 100 000 volunteers, bøssebærer (donation box bearers). They make sure to knock from door to door at all the Norway’s 2.3 million houses and apartments and accept donations to a certified collection box. There are also donations from businesses and individuals directly to the campaign, and on the day of the campaign NRK also hosts a live auction to the benefit of the event. Fundraising continues for some time after the official campaign day as well.

Over the past 42 years Norwegians have collected more than 7 billion NOK, through TV-aksjonen yearly events, and thus provided tens of millions of people around the world with vital assistance thanks to the efforts of honourable charity associations.

apply to become a volunteer bøssebærer

“you have to sacrifice something – many sacrificed everything”

King Haakon, 1946


If after reading this, you wish to participate keep an eye on the official websites of the stake-players involved:

(NRK) TV-aksjonen _  Røde Kors  _  _ online auction.


Hostelling International’s involvement

In a concerted endeavour with PurpleDinner, HI Norway offers a Kurdish dinner for a group of 20 people, at Oslo Haraldsheim Hostel, originally prepared by a Syrian Kurd refugee chef who will share directly with guests the preparation of his recipes.


Article written by Marina Lisnic


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