Cultural autumn in Norway

Can you smell it in the air? Do you already feel the cold? Can you see how the leaves start to turn yellow? It is a fact. Autumn is here. For many people in Norway, this is the most beautiful season of the year. The nature offers colorful landscapes, hiking in the mountains becomes an extraordinary experience and it is time for “Fårikål”, a traditional Norwegian dish made of cabbage and lamb. But not only. Since long ago, the Autumn in the Scandinavian countries has become one of the most interesting season for music and culture lovers. Let’s see what is going on in Norway these next months.

Bergen International Film Festival: It is probably the most important film festival in Norway. During one week, from 20th to 28th September, all the cinemas in the city show the latest in movies from all over the world. Besides, the festival offers free film courses for all ages and documentary film screenings at schools. This festival, which has been going on for more than 15 years, attracts more and more people each year. In this edition, more than 100 films were presented in 12 different categories.

Bergen International Film Festival Inauguration in 2013. Picture by M.King

Nuart Festival Street Art Tours: This international contemporary street and urban art festival has been held annually in Stavanger since 2001. From 11th September to 16th October, Art Tours are offered every Sunday to discover the artwork created by street artists from all over the world. The festival aims to open dialogue about what art is and what it could be and wants to offer a place to all those artists who avoid the traditional art establishments. Graffiti, muralism, comic culture and art performance integrate this street festival which transforms the city in a big art mural for one whole month. A Street Work Map and private tours are offered in the official website.

Graffiti on a wall in Stavanger. Picture by Sten Dueland

Films fra Sør, Films from the South Festival: Africa, Asia and Latin America film makers find their place each year in this Film Festival based in Oslo. From 6th to 16th of October, more than 100 featured films and documentaries are screened in the most diverse film festival in Norway. The event strive to promote tolerance and intercultural dialogue throughout the cinema. In this edition, the festival offers two focus sections on Iran and North-Korea. Films from the South Festival has been held since 1991 and it is a good opportunity to know what kind of cinema is in the making in other continents.

Oslo Cinema House

DølaJazz, Lillehammer Jazz Festival: Each year, Norway hosts more than 20 Jazz Festivals, most of them during the summer time. However, DølaJazz is starting to be a “must” event for Jazz lovers. From 13th to 16th October, Lillehammer welcomes some of the most important Jazz bands and musicians not only from Europe, but from all over the world. This year, the three day programme includes names as Olga Konkova Trio, Ninjabeat, Kristin Sevaldsen Band or Gregory Porter.

Jazz performance. Picture by Maria Eklind


Oslo World Music Festival: The capital of Norway becomes also the capital of music during the first week of November. From 1st to 6th, Oslo hosts more than 30 concerts of all kinds spread all over the city. Most of the artists are music stars in their own countries but not as eminent for the international public. The theme of this year’s festival is “Forbidden songs” and the programme will be opened by the Tunisian singer Emel Mathlouthi, kwon as “the voice of the Arab Spring”. Oslo World Music Festival is completed with seminars and artists talks during the week. Also, a Children’s Festival -the “Barnas Verdens Dager”- is oriented for kids, who can enjoy a wide range of workshops, from “Capoeira” to Thai Food. An unforgettable musical experience for the whole family.

Argentinian local artist performing at the Oslo World Music Festival. Picture by Argentina Culture Department

Article written by Marcos Doespiritusanto

Cover picture by Sarah Leo


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