Kjerag -for adrenalin seekers!

So you have decided to go to Norway and are looking for the best place for a spectacular picture? If you’re not afraid of hights, we might have found it for you…


Every summer, Norwegians and foreigners alike travel to the county of Rogaland and the Stavanger region. Many people (very many, in fact) go to the famous Pulpit Rock, a mountain plateau 604 metres above the Lysefjorden. Another popular destination is Kjeragbolten, a 5 square meter large stone set in a valley 959 metres above the same fjord, Lysefjorden. You can take a 10 kilometres long hike with spectacular views over the fjord and the surrounding mountains. Most people are happy just enjoying the view next to the bolt, but the bravest (craziest?) ones dare to go out on the stone to take pictures.


The area where Kjeragbolten is located is also popular for BASE jumping and mountain hikes. Or perhaps you want to climb the world’s longest wooden stairs in Flørli? We guarantee a nice back workout climbing the 444 wooden stairs up from the fjord where an old hydropower plant is located.


Many travellers choose to stay at Lysefjorden Hostel, located in the valley where the Lysefjorden starts. The hostel offers various activities and the best morning view. If you need tips for transportation to Preikestolen and Kjerag, see here.




PS! We have other tips for Stavanger and the region on a budget!


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