Why stay at a hostel?

Here at our travel blog, we have been writing a lot about our different hostels throughout Norway, and what to do when you’re travelling there. But let us have a look at the most important question at stake here: why stay at a hostel?

  1. Social

What makes a hostel different from a hotel, is the S in the word: it stands for «social». Our most important goal is to offer affordable accomodation meeting places where young people from all over the world can meet and interact. Our hostels have guest kitchens, living rooms and the possibility to sleep in shared dorms. A lot of our hostels organise a range of activities everyone can sign up for. We want to bring you closer to both Norway, and the other guests and the countries and cultures they come from. This is also the reason why a lot of solo travellers choose to stay at one of our hostels, because at a hostel, you might arrive alone, but you might just travel home with a lot of new international friends!

Summertime barbecue at Bergen Hostel Montana
  1. Affordable

As we’ve already mentioned, it is important to us that our hostels are affordable places to stay, while maintaining a high quality and our almost legendary hospitality. That way, we want to encourage people from all kind of social backgrounds, age and economic situation to travel and experience the world. At our hostels, you therefore encounter a good social mix, where both first-time travellers and experienced globetrotters feel at home.


  1. Authentic

Our hostels are situated all over Norway at a variety of places. From our vibrant hostels in cities like Oslo or Bergen, to the hostels with views over the fjords or the windswept coast of the far north of Norway… Our hostels are often small-scale places off the beaten track with a long local history. Some are still run by the families that have been living there for ages (as in Sjoa or Flåm), some are transformed fisherman’s cottages (as in the Lofoten), farms or schools (as in Senja and Førde). Hostels are connected to the local communities on a deep level, and that creates an authentic travel experience.

Uvdal Hostel
  1. Sustainable

At our hostels, we think green! We are convinced that, by thinking responsibly and sustainably, we can make a positive impact on the environment and reduce our ecological footprint. Our hostels are situated near train- or bus stops, and encourage travelling by bike, hike and public transport. A lot of our hostels have projects with local food and (urban) gardening.


  1. Ideal

HI Norway, part of Hostelling International, is a non-profit organisation that is recognised by both the Norwegian state and UNESCO. If you stay with us, you don’t only save money and have a good time, but you also support an organisation that actively works with cultural exchange, ecological sustainability and inclusivity. In other words: travel with a conscience.

Why not give it a try, and book your stay at HI!



article by: Robin Van de Walle


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