The jazzy Lofoten Islands

Each year, in the end of April, the Lofoten Islands shake off the long and dark winter months by organizing a true feelgood jazz festival. This year’s Elijazzen takes place 29-30 April in Hamnøy and Reine, two beautiful small places on the island of Moskenesøya. Sultry jazz in the Arctic landscape: for two nights in a row, the Lofoten Islands become the Carribean.

The Lofoten Islands are one of the most beautiful places in Norway – and that means something. The mountainous archipelago in Northern Norway welcomes travellers all year round, whether they are chasing the Northern Lights, the Midnight Sun, or are just looking for spectacular hikes or authentic culture.

Ska Patrol

In the end of April, when the first sunny days of Spring have come, the people of the island Moskenesøya organise  the Elijazzen Jazz Festival. A feelgood Jazzfest, during two nights. The festival is an ode to both the wild and beautiful nature of the Lofoten, and to culture, energy and creativity in general.

This year’s festival, the eighth edition, will once again host some of the finest jazz musicians of this moment. Susanne Lundeng opens the festival, Arild Andersen and Freak play on Friday, Bugge Wesseltoft, Tore Johansen – Earth Stills on Saturday, and Ska Patrol will be the closing act Saturday evening.

When Google Streetview becomes the perfect publicity: Hamnøy during April.

In between the concerts, you should make sure to explore the beautiful scenery. In April, most of the islands will be free of snow, and the weather is usually mild and sunny. This might actually be one of the best moments to visit the Lofoten Islands. (If you’re not convinced yet, maybe you should follow this link. Google Streetview visited the islands also in April!)

Our hostel nearby, in the small village with the even smaller name Å will be happy to welcome you during the festival! Or at any time, of course.

Å Hostel – photo: Davide Gorla

Photo top: Christoph Stässler

Text by Robin Van de Walle


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