Travel green in Norway

So you have planned your trip to Norway this summer (or not yet?) and want to travel greener? It’s not as hard as it might seem. We have collected some simple tips for those seeking a greener experience whilst travelling in Norway.

1)      When in Rome, do as the Romans do

When travelling in Norway, why not travel the way Norwegians do? Well, the way Norwegian students do… We always recommend the beautiful train rides between Oslo and Bergen (6,5 hours, fantastic scenic views of mountains and fjords) and between Oslo and Trondheim (6,5 hours, over the mountain plateau where you risk meeting musk oxen!). Book ahead and get the so-called minipris – which is cheap as well as environmentally friendly. In places where no trains go, buses are your friends – if you are below 29 years you can get good discounts on some bus rides. Check or for details.

Or why not travelling by bike?

2)      Eat local

More and more people are opening their eyes to the joys of eating local. Less pollution, more freshness… and good for the local community. Norway actually has a lot of good, locally produced food – not only salmon. The long summer days for instance lead to the best strawberries in the world (at least Norwegians say so). Why not stay in a hostel that is situated right next to an organic farm, such as Voss Hostel? The large breakfast buffet is packed with local delicacies and you can also visit the farm. PS: Urban gardening is coming also to hostels – stay tuned!

Nice way to start the day in Voss Hostel

3)      Swap and share

If Norway suddenly got too warm during your travels, do not worry. Some of the hostels have swapping areas where you can swap clothes – or food corners where you can leave food you have not used or pick up the salt, noodles or other food items left from other travelers. Good for the environment – and good for your wallet!


4)      Reduce, reuse and recycle

We all know that travelling affects the environment, right? At Hostelling International we aim to have as little carbon footprint as possible – by reducing, re-using and recycling. In some places we do this by offering bikes for rent, in other places we use compost, paper presses or shower-head savers. This is no simple task and we rely on the help of our conscious travelers. Do you have tips on how we can be greener? Please let your next hostel know.


5)      Be social

The last point is one of the most important ones for us. The hostels in Norway are part of the non-profit chain Hostelling International, which have aimed at getting people to meet each other for nearly a century. We want the hostels to be social places where people meet, share fun experiences and great memories – as well as awareness of the world we live in. If you want to be part of this worldwide chain of meeting places, you can become a member at our website. We are not the biggest organization, but we have a heart for our mission and promise to work hard to get people to share experiences and laughs in 2016 and in the future.


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Written by Ragna Skøien

Photo top: Torbjørn Eikeland Turøy

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