Norway by bike: Rallarvegen

Norway is one of the most mountanous countries of Europe. Distances are long, and fjords and lakes intersect the landscape. It might seem something that’s possible only for those who are in extremely good shape, to travel Norway by bike, but as a matter of fact there are lots of possibilities for both experienced and less experienced bikers. Our hostels throughout the country form an ideal resting place on your trip.

In summer, the Norwegian countryside, mountains and fjords are a true wonderland for every outdoor adventurer. As in many other countries, travelling by bike has become increasingly popular the last couple of years. That is not at all surprising: Norway has spectacular landscapes that are tempting to be explored on your own pace. There are different cycle tracks throughout the country, that fit for both the experienced mountainbiker, and the beginner cycle tourist. Rallarvegen in the west, one of our favourites, is a splendid route for all.

You can’t buy happinness, but a bike is the closest your get – photo by Trysil

Rallarvegen is of the most beautiful and most popular bike routes in Norway. Starting at the mountain village of Geilo (ca. 800m above sea level) and ending at the Aurlandsfjord in Flåm. The route is about 85 km long and follows the railroad tracks of the Bergensbanen and Flåmsbanen. Cycling takes two or three days, depending on how many kilometres you want to sit on your saddle each day.

A good point to start is Geilo, where you can stay at our hostel. The first etappe of the route goes through Haugastøl and upwards to Finse on the Hardangervidda mountain plateau. Here, on this bleak stony plateau, with the mighty Blåisen glacier on the other side of the lake, you’ve reached the highest point of the route.

The arctic landscape at Finse – photo by Bosc d’Anjou

From Finse, you cycle in the direction of Myrdal. If you want a small detour: just some kilometres off, you find our hostel at Mjølfjell, in the middle of green and spectacular mountains. Afterwards, the Rallarvegen will take you downwards to Flåm – the same route as the Flåmsbanen train follows. Here, the trail might get steep and challenging for your brakes.

The Aurlandsfjord – photo by Mariano Iannuzzi

The finish of this magnificent road lies in the fjord village of Flåm, at the end of the mighty Aurlandsfjord. Stay at our cosy hostel in Flåm to enjoy a well deserved rest. From Flåm, you can take the train to Oslo or Bergen, or you can take a boat to Bergen or other places in Western Norway.

Flåm Hostel and Camping – photo by Aapo Haapanen (also photo top)

Text by Robin Van de Walle


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