Solo travel in Norway

Everyone should travel solo at least once. It’s almost a religious experience that makes you forget about prejudices and gives you the chance to indulges yourself fully. Furthermore, the friends that you make while traveling solo… are often friends that last for a very long time. More and more people decide to leave fears behind and embark on this adventure.

Solo travel, a learning experience that you’ll never forget

When it comes to Scandinavia, it’s really safe to travel on your own. In case you are thinking about taking the backpack and going on a solo travel in Norway, here are some tips for adventurous.

1. Plan it in advance

The good think of solo traveling is that you are the one who chooses where to go and how long to spend in each place. And how often do you get to do this in “real life”? So… enjoy! But on the other hand, you need to plan the trip properly. Book your accomodation in advance, make sure you have a place to stay or a way to reach every place that you want to visit.


2. Save money on transportation

  • If you are traveling on your own, it doesn’t make sense to rent a car, as the cost will be too high for only one person. But…
  • Norway has some of the most beautiful train routes in Europe. If you have the chance, take the train and enjoy the beautiful landscapes! The best it’s to book in advance to get Minipris tickets (they are much cheaper than the normal ones!)
  • If you travel by plane, look for tickets in advance. There are different offers from companies such as Norwegian Airlines or Scandinavian Airlines, and the prices can be really affordable. And if you are less than 26 years old, chech out the prices for youth travelers that these airlines have.
You will get this view in the train trip Oslo-Bergen

3. Listen to the locals

When you arrive to your hostel, or while sitting in a café, ask for things to do or tips in that city/area. Locals know more than any travel guide and you could learn a lot about the country and the culture. And don’t forget that you are in Norway so…

4. Be open

Nobody asks you where are you from or go having a chat with you? Well, this is Norway, buy even if people are less open than in other countries, they are the most friendly when you start talking! You are traveling solo, it’s a new opportunity to not be shy and make new friends.

This won’t be your only Norwegian friend by the end of the trip, we promise 😛

5. Are you in the countryside?

People in the Norwegian countryside are known for being very friendly. Enjoy that! Maybe you will get the chance to share a typical dish with some locals. Once again, stay open and talk to everyone if you feel like doing it.

The beauty of Norwegian countryside

6. Stop looking at your screen.

It can be tempting, we know. You are sitting in the train anf you end by spend 6 hours on Facebook and Whatsapp. Or you are alone in a café, and what do you do? Of course, check out your Instagram for an hour. You should take this opportunity like a chance to look beyond your smartphone. Enjoy the beauty of the Norwegian landscapes, the flavour of this typical dish, or an interesting talk with your new friends. You will have enough time to sit behind the computer once you are back home!

Keep your eyes on the landscape, and you could get this present

7. Pack responsibly

Nobody is packing for you. Make sure that you take only the necessary things; you will have to carry your baggage the whole time! Don’t forget to take with you medications, chargers, the passport (please, don’t forget about this), and write on a paper the adresses and some emergency phone number. You never know when your phone will decide to leave you alone.

8. Bring warm enough clothes

That’s just a small note to remind you that in Norway can be (really) cold, even if you travel in summer. Check the forecast before starting the trip, and put your raincoat, wool sweater and trekking boots in your backpack.

Your perfect outfit for traveling in Norway

9. Cook your own food in the guest kitchen

You will save a lot of money, and you will have the chance to talk to new people and make friends! We know that Norway is not the cheapest country on Earth, but some things, like vegetables or salmon are not so expensive (don’t leave Norway without trying the salmon, it’s really good). A typical Norwegian lunch includes crispbread (or knekkebrød) and makrell i tomat (mackerel with tomato sauce), and they are not expensive at all! Those are just some examples. Try everything new, you won’t regret.

You will meet lots of new people by cooking in the guest kitchen

10. Stay in hostels!

If you travel on your own, it’s the best way to save money in your accomodation and to know new people. Hostels are social places, full of people from all over the world who want to make friends and to share stories. Book your real hostel experience in

Written by María de la Cruz Gutierrez

You will always remember the friends that you made in that epic travel

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