Travel with Norwegian movies

Trolls in spectacular landscapes, the streets of Oslo in an indian summer, giant tsunamis sweeping through the fjords, or a new friendship in the forests of the east: Norwegian cinema has it all. The Norwegian movies have, thanks to extremely talented young directors and actors, conquered a place on the international scene. These movies were filmed in all parts of the country, and form an excellent introduction for travellers! Here are our favourite movies of the last years.

Stories from the kitchen

Let us begin with a classic: the 2003 film Kitchen Stories by Bent Hamer tells the story of a elderly man living on his own, getting a visit by a Swedish researcher. Forget the clichés: Norwegian movies are not all just doom and gloom, as this story is both funny and heart warming. The Swede and the Norwegian may be unconfortable in each others company at the start, but it is the start of a close friendship.


Hunting trolls in the West

What is Norway most famous for, besides fjords and northern lights? Yes, trolls! The national animal/creature of Norway lives a hidden and mysterious life. Thankfully, in 2010 there were some documentary makers willing to unravel this mystery. The result is a hilarious (and a bit scary) wanna-be documentary about the trolls in Norway: The Troll Hunter by André Øvredal. If you get inspired, you can plan a trip to the Western fjords, where they live. But be careful!

The road to Hellesylt – photo: Harvey Barrison

Indian summer in Oslo

Joachim Trier is one of the most interesting young film directors at the moment, and his 2011 movie Oslo, August 31st is a true masterpiece, though it might not be the most uplifting movie you saw (yes, a bit doom and gloom here). It portrays a young man who’s just got out of rehab, and who’s visiting his old study friends in Oslo. Besides from giving a beautiful psychological portrayal, it gives an image of the atmosphere in Oslo during the last days of summer. A film to prepare your stay at Oslo Hostel Holtekilen or Oslo Hostel Haraldsheim!

Blue skies in Oslo – photo by VisitOslo

The nature of the North

The 2014 film Out of Nature by Ole Giæver is in many ways a typically Norwegian film, about typically Norwegian themes. A man in his thirties is tired of family life and his job, and goes for a weekend to the mountains to hike. Up there, he is alone with his thoughts and his feelings: is he happy enough? This movie is both funny and philosophical, and brings you to the spectacular landscapes of Northern Norway. If you get wanderlust, you can book your stay at Senja, Lakselv og Mehamn!

Landscape of Northern Norway – photo: Lars Tiede

The apocalypse in the fjords

Last year’s film The Wave by Roar Uthaug was the most expensive Norwegian movie ever made, and was a true succes in the cinemas. In this nerve-wrecking, catastrophe thriller, the fjord town of Geiranger is threatened by a huge tsunami caused by a rock-slide. Those deadly tsunamis have occured a couple of times in the history of Norway, the last major one in 1934, and this film is loosely based on these historic events. For a thrilling film experience, combined with shots of the spectacular fjord landscape, this is the movie to see! Book your stay in Hellesylt Hostel, next to Geiranger.

Fjord near Hellesylt – photo: Esther Westerveld

photo top: Oslo – by Henning Klokkeråsen

written by Robin Van de Walle

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