Rondane: Winter in the Mountains

The Rondane national park and surrounding areas are very famous in Norway, in short because the area has some of the most amazing nature Norway has to offer. The Rondane national park was the first national park in Norway, established in 1962. The national park contains wild reindeer, musk ox and a variety of other animals. Just next to the national park in the mountains on top of the Gudbrandsdalen you find Høvringen HI Hostel – a perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts who also enjoy some fireplace cozyness.


Høvringen HI Hostel

Høvringen hostel lies 1000 metres above sea level. No wonder the air is fresh! The hostel is run by the couple Maj-Britt and Hans, whose biggest talent is to make the guests feel at home and serve amazing cocoa  after a long day of skiing. The hostel offers sledging trips down to the bottom of the valley as well as tours from cabin to cabin in the national park. The hostel is situated in an amazing area where it’s actually quite flat – so amateur skiers are also welcome. As we say in Norway: even the Danes can ski here:)


Ski or hike?

Høvringen Hostel has its main season in Febuary – April and in the summer. Families, groups and individuals come up to the plateau where the hostel is situated to enjoy the mountain view, hike, ski, and spend some hours in the sauna. Book your stay here.


written by Ragna Skøien

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