Drøbak: welcome to the Christmas’ village!

You are spending a couple of days in Oslo and you want to see something different, right? Just one hour from the city is the charming village of Drøbak. It’s located in the narrowest point of the Oslo’s fjord. As the fjord is frozen during the winter months, Drøbak has been traditionally used as the capital’s port in this time of the year.


Drøbak is a hidden gem in the Oslo’s fjord. In summer time, it’s the place where the city inhabitants go to enjoy the sun and the beaches. The tourists go there of course to walk in the nice streets, but the main attraction is… the Christmas house!


It’s a well known fact in Norway that Santa Claus (or Julenissen) was born close to Drøbak several hundred years ago. And he still lives there! The moment you get into the Christmas house you will understand why.


Located next to the town square, the Julehuset is visited every year by thousands of tourists who want to see the santas, trolls, elves… There is a fairy ambiance inside and you will feel like entering in a different (and magical) world.


The Santa’s Post Office is right next door. You can buy stamps from Santa’s post office and send your letter directly to him. But if you want to see Julenissen, then you have to go to the tourist office. The walls are full of letters from people all over the world. If you are lucky you might have the chance to take a picture with Santa!


The village is very beautiful in itself. Just outisde the tourist office, you will meet some nice sirens and enjoy the lovely view of the Oslofjord. It is a really peaceful experience to walk along the harbor either in winter or summer. You will enjoy a view like this one.


While walking you will pass next to the wooden church that was built in 1776. It’s worth seeing, both from out and inside. If you are hungry, you can sit in one of the nice restaurants next to the fjord, with a stunning panorama just in front of your table, while you taste some fresh seafood.


Make a trip to the magical town of Drøbak and get into the Christmas spirit… all the year long!


How to get there: Take the bus 500 to Drøbak in the Oslo Bus Terminal (70 NOK – 1h trip)

Photos & text: María de la Cruz


2 thoughts on “Drøbak: welcome to the Christmas’ village!

  1. I love Norway! I would like to live in Norway for a few years to undersstand the spirit of the norwegian people. I am German and we came from Norway centuries ago. So in our soul we are still united with the Norwegian people.


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