The brightest fjord

Just a stone’s throw away from Stavanger, Norway’s fourth city and a buzy centre for oil industry, the 42 kilometer-long Lysefjorden (‘Bright Fjord’) stretches itself. It is one of the most exciting fjords of entire Norway, and is home to the world-famous Preikestolen (‘The Pulpit Rock’). Many travelers have fallen in love with this place… Will you be next?

If you’re visiting the South-West of Norway, your trip can’t be complete without a tour to the magnificent Lysefjorden, just outside Stavanger in the Norwegian province of Rogaland. With its length of 40 kilometers, it might not be Norway’s longest fjord (that’s the 205 km-long Sognefjord further up north), nor its narrowest (that’s the Nærøyfjord), but it surely is one of Norway’s most popular fjords. Why? Well, there are a couple of reasons!

The Lysefjord – photo:

First of all: The fjord itself lies on a very practical distance from the cosmopolitan town Stavanger. Just one hour away from the city centre by boat and buss, it is possible to use Stavanger as a base for a well-filled daytrip to the Lysefjord. Than you combine the best of both worlds: The spectacular nature and the energizing city-life of this old town, with its charming harbour, narrow wooden streets and superb fish restaurants.

Old Stavanger – photo: Jarin

The most important reason is to be found on the shore of the fjord itself and is called the Preikestolen. It’s probably one of the most breathtaking rock formations you’ve ever seen: The giant rock towers a terrifying 600 metres above the water. And the perfect way to experience this natural wonder, is to follow the two-hour trail to the top! This trail begins at our Preikestolen Hostel, and is accessible for almost every hiker.

Another natural wonder, and a popular hiking destination, is the Kjeragbolten: A round rock that’s got stuck between two vertical mountain walls. To get there, you follow a 5 km-long trail that starts at Lysebotn, at the eastern end of the fjord. This hike requires a bit more experience, as the trail can be steep and muddy. But when you finally reach it, there’s nothing like it, and you’ll probably make the most spectacular profile picture of all your friends!

This sheep lost his way – photo: Huffington Post

Are you longing after an outdoor adventure in the spectacular landscape of Western Norway? Take a trip to our Preikestolen Hostel, and let the adventure begin! If you’re using the vibrant city of Stavanger as a base, our host at the Stavanger Hostel will wish you welcome!


Photo top: Iwo Dilbert

written by Robin Van de Walle

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