Voss, natural paradise

Between the mountains and the lake in Western Norway, you find hidden one of the most beautiful towns in Norway: Voss. Either you go in summer or in winter, it won’t dissapoint you, as there are activities and festivals the whole year.


In Voss there is something happening everyday, in autumn, spring, winter and summer. Of course, in winter time is when people come to ski as soon as the snow arrives. Voss, with its two ski centers, is the biggest skiing area in Western Norway. The lenght of the season depends on the weather.

In front of the Voss Hostel

The two ski centers are called Voss Resort and Myrkdalen Mountain Resort. The Voss Resort is closer to the town center, but both of them are perfect for the whole family.

Flowers outside the Voss Hostel

When the snow leaves, there are still a lot of things happening in Voss, especially for people interested in sport, adventure and nature. The hiking routes in Voss go through the mountains, offering breathtaking views like this one, in Bordalsgjelet waterfall.


But if you are more into cycling and mountain biking, you will not be dissapointed at all. The mountains in ski center Voss Resort are suitable for biking in summer time.


Otherwise, you can go for cross-country cycling, rafting, horseback riding, kayaking and, if you are brave enough, paragliding. In addition, Voss hosts a range of events. The most famous one, both nationally and internationally, is the Vossa Jazz Festival (from 18th to 20th March). Many people also choose to go to the Extreme Sports Week in Voss, held in June every year. Here you can try longboarding, bouldering or hanggliding.


Exhausted after doing too many activities in Voss? Go take some rest in the nice Voss Hostel, located by the lake Vangsvatnet, close to both Voss village and the beautiful nature surrounding it. You will specially enjoy the breakfast made with ecological products from Finnegarden farm. In winter time, you can sit in front of the fireplace and relax after a long day skiing.

Photos and text: María de la Cruz

Video: Katarina Vlkova


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