Animals in Norway

Norway is one of the most perfect masterpieces of nature. The endless landscapes where ice, sea and land merge seem the most perfect of oil paintings. The animals roam at will in these places and make the environment even more beautiful.

Polar bears – photo: beingmyself

Wildlife enthusiasts will find a paradise in Norway where moose, reindeer, deer, bobcats and foxes wander freely. Even in Oslo it is possible to see them with a little luck, while walking in the Nordmarka forest, an area of unspoiled nature just 20 minutes from the city.

Arctic fox – photo:Eric Kllby

There are not many wolves left in Scandinavia, and if you want to see them you have to go to Eastern Norway. You can even live with wolves in this area as some tour operators offer organised trips.

Brown bears are found in the valley of Pasvik in Finnmark and polar bears on the islands of Svalbard. You’ll maybe get to see musk oxen, who are survivors from the last glacier epoch, in Dovre. There are also elk and wild reindeer safaris in this area.

brown bear
Brown bear – photo: Tambako The Jaguar

If you are interested in birds, you should definitely go to two of the best nesting cliffs, Røst and Runde. Whale watching is a very popular activity that takes place off the coast of Lofoten Islands. And who knows? You may see whales with the perfect background of the aurora borealis. It sounds like heaven, right?

photo on the top: Arctic Wolf


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