Northern Lights in Norway

One of the most famous stamps of Norway is that ghostly image, where the night sky is tinged with colors. The aurora borealis is the main attraction for tourists traveling to northern Europe.

Arctic Coast Photo: Ørjan Bertelsen
Arctic Coast
Photo: Ørjan Bertelsen

What exactly is this mysterious phenomenon? During large explosions and flares of the Sun, huge quantities of particles are released into space. These clouds of particles travel through space at speeds between 300 and 1000 kilometers per second. Then, they they are led towards a circle around the magnetic North Pole and interact with the upper layers of the atmosphere. Everything happens above our heads!

Arctic Coast Photo: Ørjan Bertelsen
Arctic Coast
Photo: Ørjan Bertelsen

Each time the northern lights happen is unique. Sometimes you will see three green bands dancing in the night sky. Sometimes, the color is green with a touch of pink and violet in the center. It is the most brilliant masterpiece of nature.

Anywhere in northern Norway is perfect for seeing the lights. In fact, one can observe the same northern lights in Lofoten as in Tromsø, just from a different angle.

Mehamn Photo Ørjan Bertelsen
Photo Ørjan Bertelsen

To fully enjoy the show, avoid the full moon and bright places, which greatly attenuate the picture. Do not forget to bring warm clothing. And be patient, remember … you’re at the mercy of nature. If you are not patient, you can always use this app.

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Practical informations:

WHERE:Theoretically, you can see the northern lights everywhere in Norway. But the best places are north of the Arctic Circle: Northern Norway and the islands of Svalbard.

WHEN: More possibilities between the autumnal equinox and the spring one (September 21-March 21). The best months to see them are October, February and March. The best time is said to be between 6 pm and 1 am.

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