Stavanger on a budget

Known as the city even more expensive than Oslo, Stavanger doesn’t stand out as a budget go-to. However, if you are creative and keep on exploring the outdoors, Stavanger holds a range of different activities for both children and adults.

1.Old Stavanger

Old Stavanger is a must-see – a collection of old, wooden houses located in the heart of Stavanger. Take a stroll between the houses, explore the small shops and cafes and get a feeling of how the city used to be like.

Stavanger evenings – photo: Rob Oo

2. Stavanger Art Museum

Interested in art? Then Stavanger Art Museum is perfect for you! The museum has free entrance every Saturday, and has a good collection of various artists from Stavanger and beyone.

3. Svandalsfossen

This waterfall is one of the most popular attractions on the Rv520. The waterfall is located just off the highway, before Saudasjøen. The Svandalsfossen waterfall is clearly marked on information boards. There are viewpoints and not to forget 540 steps that take you right beneath the thundering waterfall. Why not have your lunch underneath it?

4. Hiking to Preikestolen

Yes, Preikestolen is a must when you visit the Stavanger region! And getting there doesn’t even have to be that expensive. Take the public ferry from Stavanger to Tau and then the bus from Tau to the Pulpit Rock base. Walking up, however, you have to do yourself…



5. The beaches at Jæren

The beaches at Jæren are famous all over Norway for their special formations and particular atmosphere. Take the local bus to the beach, and enjoy the view that is seemingly neverending. If you’re an adventurous soul, kite surfing might just be the thing for you here!

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photo top: Jerry Webb


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