Meet a hostel: Lofoten “Stamsund Youth Hostel”

A weekend at Stamsund Youth Hostel – an experience for life!

Regardsless if you come by bus from Svolvær or with the Hurtigruta ferry from Bodø, Stamsund is the place to make a stop. The small fishing village located in the archipaelago of Lofoten in Northern Norway is not only a pretty sight, but it also hosts one of the most special hostels Norway has to offer: Stamsund Youth Hostel.

Run by the eccentric host Roar who refuses to do online bookings, or emails, for that matter, Stamsund is the perfect example of how the personal experience triumphs the online one. Every time. Roar is the host that makes his guests return every year to fish, look for sea eagles and simply enjoy life as it is without wifi. It’s well worth a try!

To book a stay at Stamsund Youth Hostel, you have to call Roar at 0047 7608 9334.

Stamsund Youth Hostel
Exterior of the youth hostel
On the dock
Sun on the harbour outside the hostel
Beautiful Lofoten
Inside the hostel - Stamsund Youth Hostel
Family enjoying their meal in the guest kitchen

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