Bergen on a budget

Finding free things to do in Bergen can be hard. After all, Norway isn’t exactly known as a cheap country. We’ve collected 7 free things to do in Bergen, the city also known as the “gateway to the fjords in Norway”.

1. Bryggen

Yes, the most important sight in Bergen is for free! It consists of beautiful 14th century Hanseatic buildings – UNESCO World Heritage Site- and some great photo opportunities.

2. Bergen’s Fisketorget

Bergen’s free fish market offers a sound & sight & smell experience at zero cost. It’s open in June, July and August everyday 7am – 7pm, and between September and May it’s open Monday to Saturday 7am – 4pm.

Photo: María de la Cruz
Photo: María de la Cruz

3. Parks and gardens

Why not go for a walk in one of Bergen’s parks and gardens? In Nordnesparken you’ll find an open-air swimming pool and you’ll get a great view of the fjord. In the heart of Bergen you’ll find Byparken; and if you are interested in plants check out Muséhagen.

Photo: María de la Cruz
Photo: María de la Cruz

4. Hiking

Bergen is called ‘the city among the seven mountains’. Guess why! In Bergen there is no need for a gym… You can for instance climb the 801 steps in the Sandviksfjellet and get ready for a breathtaking view.

Photo: María de la Cruz

5. Free concerts:

As it is a student city, you will never be bored in Bergen at night. You should definitely go to the “Apollon” record shop and pub where there are sometimes free concerts organised. “Hulen” is a club located in a cave and run by volunteer students where there’re a lot of concerts playing – these are not free but worth the visit.

6. Pub quiz:

Why not join this popular Norwegian tradition? Different teams compete answering knowledge questions. By the way, one of them takes place in English in Bergen – see which one here!

Photo: María de la Cruz

7. Free celebrations:

Don’t miss the opportunity to spend May 17th -Norwegian Constitution Day-, with parties all over the city!

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Photo: María de la Cruz
View from Bergen Hostel Montana Photo: María de la Cruz

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